Abstract Rude- Rejuvenation- Rhymesayers- CD- Hip Hop


  • Model: 107859


  • Artist: Abstract Rude
  • Album: Rejuvenation
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Rhymesayers
  • Description: Abstract Rude with Vitamin D production.
  • Tracks:
    1. Hip Hop Ryde
    2. Rejuvenation
    3. Nuff Fire
    4. The Conch
    5. Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D'Etat Mix)
    6. TV Show
    7. Sadly Ever After
    8. Tomorry
    9. Diggin' It?
    10. Aaron, Ab, Abbey
    11. RSVP (Wanna Party)
    12. Man Down
    13. Is What It Is
    14. Parables

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